Magnetic probes. MSS-P model


Probes are widely used in flour-and-cereals, foodstuffs, glass/ceramics and other industries.



Magnetic probes can replace traditional horseshoe-shaped magnets and possess a number of advantages over them. Because of usage of high-energy neodymium magnets, magnetic probes have a high ferromagnetic and paramagnetic admixtures extraction capability. Probes are handy - ferromagnetic admixtures are not removed from the probe surface manually, they can be easily brushed off thanks to implementation of a "nested tube" system. Probes do not require superposed magnetization and guarantee stability of magnetic properties for approximately 10 years.


Magnetic probes are used for determination of quantity of ferromagnetic admixtures in foodstuffs and free-flowing materials in production/technical laboratories. Probes increase accuracy of analyses and provide a possibility to define the content of ferromagnetic admixtures in various products. A qualified technologist now can visually estimate quality of raw materials and finished production items and quantity of iron-containing inclusions for determining necessary measures for holding high quality of production.

Technical characteristics

  1. Common dimensions: diameter - 20-40 mm, length 100-350 mm;
  2. Weight, up to 1,5 (3,0) kg;
  3. Magnetic system material - Nd-Fe-B, ( ВН )max > 300 kJ/m 3 ;
  4. Magnetic induction on the surface of magnetic blocks at t=20 (°С ), - 150 - 700 (mTsl);
  5. Maximum working temperature – up to +80 °С;
  6. Cleaning system – simplified manual;
  7. Stability of magnetic properties is guaranteed for 10 years.

Technical parameters of all separators can be changed according to customer's specific requests. Separators are fire/explosion-safe devices, which can be used in complicated conditions, requiring strict observance of safety regulations. If you didn't find a separator, suitable for your needs, fill in the order form and send it to our specialists to design and manufacture a separator, complying with your request.

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