BSM drum magnetic separators

BSM drum magnetic separators

Compact self-discharge drum separators are used for a wide range of magnetic separation tasks.

Separation material is fed to the drum shell, rotating around the fixed magnetic system, creating powerful magnetic field in the separator’s working area. Under the effect of the magnetic field, strong magnetic inclusions in the material flow are attracted to the magnetic system and held on the shell surface rotating around it. Such inclusions are dumped during their movement outside the magnetic field area by rejecting ribs mounted on the shell.

BSM drum separators are mostly applied for cleaning dry bulk materials from magnetic inclusions of different sizes (incl. from so-called rubbing, formed as a result of equipment wear), and are also used for ore beneficiation, slagheap processing and solution of other separation tasks, when the magnetic material component is valuable.

  • Research and Production Company “ERGA” personnel have designed many different configurations of magnetic systems for drum separators. Thus, for example, magnetic induction systems with the range from 100 to 900 mT (1000-9000 Gauss) that corresponds to the field intensity of 80 – 720 kA/m (1000 – 9 000 Oe), are selected depending on the magnetic susceptibility of materials and inclusions.
  • Unique patented magnetic systems on permanent magnets ensure long effective operation of magnetic separators. The warranty retention life of magnetic system features, if the operation conditions are observed, is 10 years.
  • BSM magnetic separators have a lot of advantages over their electromagnetic equivalents – no power consumption for the generation of magnetic field, higher operation reliability, smaller dimensions and lighter weight.
  • BSM drum separators of can be applied for the operation with abrasive materials – in such cases, housing and shell components contacting with materials are protected against accelerated wear with polyurethane lining or changeable protective stainless steel plates.
  • BSM magnetic separators correspond to the requirements of industrial safety rules and regulations valid in the Russian Federation and can be applied in explosive and chemically hazardous enterprises.

Research and Production Company “ERGA” produces BSM-VP drum magnetic separators equipped with vibratory feeders, allowing reaching maximum separation efficiency thanks to uniform layer of material fed into the separator’s working area.

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