Suspended magnets. PSM-4 series

Suspended magnets. PSM-4 series

Inexpensive suspended metal separators with mechanical cleaning system provide simple solution of magnetic separation.

PSM-4 suspended separators with mechanical cleaning were initially developed for agricultural application, but later thanks to optimal quality to price ratio, they found wide application in other industries.


  • PSM-4 separators ensure high-quality extraction of coarse strongly magnetic inclusions from thin layers of bulk materials – removal depth area is 150 mm.
  • Unique patented magnetic systems on permanent magnets ensure long and efficient operation of the separators. Guaranteed period of magnetic system stability, subject to compliance with the rules of operation is 10 years.
  • No power consumption
  • Simple and easy to operate PSM-4 do not require additional personnel;
  • No modifications in installation into operating line;
  • Lighter weight in comparison with electromagnets and ferrite separators.


PSM-4 series is designed to remove ferromagnetic bodies and particles from dry material flow transported along a conveyor or vibrating chute. It is usually applied where there is no possibility of installing a drum separator or removal of fine ferromagnetic particles is not required.


Suspended metal separators of PSM-4 series are usually installed overbelt at max. height of suspension 150 mm. This series of magnetic separators is specially designed for grain and cereals industry. For more efficient operation of PSM-4 separator it is recommended to install it at discharge point when the product is suspended.

For more complicated magnetic separation tasks suspended guard magnets of SMPR and SMPR-M series are used. Their powerful magnetic systems provide removal of strong magnetic inclusions 400mm from the operating surface!

Operation principle


Technical specifications

  1. Separated material size range: to 50 mm;
  2. Moisture of infeed material: to 25%;
  3. Magnetic system: Nd-Fe-B, (BH) max> 300 kJ/m3;
  4. Maximum operating temperature:  + 60 °С (+ 120 °С);
  5. Magnetic separator cleaning - mechanical;
  6. Min. period of stability of magnetic properties: 20 years.
Model * Dimensions, mm Operating area width, mm Weight, kg
PSM-4 200 376х315х128 200 24
PSM-4 320 454х315х128 300 30
PSM-4 400 576х315х128 400 43
PSM-4 500 676х315х128 500 52
PSM-4 600 776х315х128 600 56
PSM-4 800 976х315х128 800 73

Technical parameters can be changed upon customer’s request. The guard magnets are fire-proof machines, thus can be used in severe conditions that require strict compliance with safety standards. If you have difficulties with the choice of equipment or cannot find a suitable separator among the products presented, you can place an inquiry for the separator that meets your requirements.

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