Wet drum magnetic separators of MBS and MBS-R series

Wet drum magnetic separators of MBS and MBS-R series

Drum separators for wet magnetic beneficiation of different ore and non-metallic materials.


Depending on magnetic separation tasks MBS separators are equipped with various types of magnetic systems (including powerful rare-earth magnet systems with magnetic induction on the drum surface to 600 mT) and bath types (for operation in concurrent, countercurrent and semi-countercurrent modes).

Operation Principle

Uniformly distributed pulp flowing into the separator feed box is transported into the bath, where it enters magnetic field created by the magnetic system fixed inside the drum. Under the influence of the magnetic field magnetic susceptible inclusions in the pulp flow are attracted to the drum and moved by its rotating shell to the discharge area where they are unloaded into the discharge chute under the pressure of water from the nozzles along the magnetic drum.

MBS wet drum separators are divided into 3 types depending on the operation mode:

Concurrent mode - the magnetic drum (shell) and material flow directions coincide. This prevents material building-up on the magnetic drum working surface, reduces wear and ensures lower power consumption.

Countercurrent mode - material is fed towards the magnetic drum (shell) direction. In this case magnetic particles are first attracted to the free surface of the magnetic drum at the end of the working zone by magnetic forces, then strongly magnetic particles are pressed against the surface as the working surface approaches the infeed point, thereby ensuring maximum extraction of magnetic particles.

Semi-countercurrent mode - material is underfed to the working surface (zone) of the magnetic drum. Thus, the material flow and magnetic force directions coincide, which ensures effective attraction even of very fine magnetic particles to the working area of the drum surface.


MBS magnetic separators are designed for wet beneficiation of ore and non-metallic materials with different magnetic susceptibility. These separators are used for equipping ferrous and non-ferrous beneficiation plants.

Model * Capacity* for solids feed, t/h Drum working section dimensions, mm Magnetic induction at 50mm distance from the drum surface, mTMagnetic induction on the drum surface, mT Drum motor rated power, kW Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
MBS 90/150 60-80 Ø900х1500 65-120до 180 3 2400х1800х1850 2500
MBS 90/250 100-160 Ø900х2500 65-120до 180 2,2 3300х2100х2200 4000
MBS 120/200 80-160 Ø1200х2000 65-120 до 1804 3000х2700х2600 5000
MBS 120/300 250-350 Ø1200х3000 65-120 до 1807,5 4000х2700х2600 7000
MBS 150/200 200-275 Ø1500х2000 65-120до 180 7,5 3000х2700х2600 6000
MBS 150/300 300-410 Ø1500х3000 65-120до 180 11 4000х2700х2600 9000

* Average capacity for input solids is shown; capacity depends on size of the separated material.

Customized process solutions can be developed to meet specific customers’ requirements.

On the basis of MBS wet drum separators “ERGA” specialists have designed special separators MBS-R for regeneration of medium solids (magnetite and ferrosilicon) used in heavy media beneficiation in processing of gold- and diamond-bearing ores, nonferrous metal and rare ores and placers.

MBS-R advantages:

  • Effective extraction of magnetite and ferrosilicon particles from suspension due to the increased angle of the drum magnetic system and length of the magnetic field.
  • Magnetic system with increased induction on the working surface (up to 0.32 T) and deep magnetization of the gap between drum and separation bath.
  • High-energy NdFeB magnets of ERGA production ensure lower power consumption in comparison with electromagnetic separators.
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