Bonded magnets

Bonded magnets based on anisotropic NdFeB powder ENBI-8A


Distinctive features :

  • High mechanical properties (plasticity, impact elasticity, durability, amenability to mechanical processing);
  • High magnetic properties;
  • Relatively small weight (density – 4.7 g/sm3);
  • Possibility of manufacturing complex-shape magnets by moulding under pressure without additional assembly operations (i.e. multipolar systems, which is impossible when using sintered magnets);
  • Bonded magnets can be used when a magnet has to reproduce unevenness and curvature of contacting surfaces;
  • Bonded magnets can be used as construction elements with high quality surfaces (multiple orifices, projecting ears and other fastening elements);
  • Resistant to aggressive environments;
  • Less affected by eddy currents;
  • Bonded magnets do not heat up in variable electromagnetic fields.
International designation Maximum operation temperature (ВН) max B r H cb H cj
kJ/m3 mGsOe Tsl kGs kAm kOe kAm kOe
ENBI-8A 140 °С 64 8 0.55 5.5 480 6 1200 15
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