Permanent magnets and production of industrial magnets

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Permanent magnets and magnetic systems of special purpose

In the modern world magnets are used everywhere - in consumer goods and household appliances, vehicles and industrial equipment. Application of both separate magnets and complex magnetic systems, allowing obtaining magnetic fields with irregular shape, is wide-spread.

Since 1991 Research and Production Company “ERGA” has been producing permanent rare-earth magnets based on Nd-Fe-B and Sm-Co alloys and resin-bonded magnets. The equipment and technology know-how for producing magnets and resin-bonded magnets is a source of special pride of our personnel.

Along with magnetic separators and lifting beams ERGA manufactures many types of equipment on permanent magnets, among which reliable and durable magnetic couplings, high-speed generators for turbines, compact wind turbines with vertical rotation axis and many others.

ERGA has an unparalleled in Russia technological line for the production of permanent rare-earth magnets with high magnetic parameters based on NdFeB (neodymium-iron-boron) alloy with capacity up to 100 tons per year.

Permanent rare-earth magnets are products from high-coercivity materials with high residual magnetic induction to resist demagnetization for a long time. Permanent magnets are used as offline (non-consuming power) sources of magnetic field.

Magnet properties are determined by characteristics of the demagnetizing section of magnetic hysteresis loop of the magnet material: the higher the residual induction and the coercive force, the higher magnetization and stability of the magnet.

"ERGA" produces permanent rare-earth magnets of various shapes: prism, ring, disk, sector, etc.


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