1.jpgRotors, based on rare-earth permanent magnets or bonded magnets, have a number of advantages over similar products:

  • Engines with rotors, based on permanent magnets, provide high starting and rotational moments as well as a high efficiency factor;
  • Operation in the harshest conditions: high temperatures, aggressive chemical environments or even vacuum;
  • High operation characteristics due to usage of permanent magnets, guaranteeing engine power increase and reducing its wear;
  • Simplified engine construction and reduced noise levels;
  • Simple construction, reliability and stability of operation;
  • Efficient and reliable construction make rotors multi-purpose systems, used in many industries;
  • Rotors, based on permanent magnets, ensure low energy consumption.

2 .jpg Research & Production Company «ERGA» has the following designs of new rotors:

  • 2-polar rotor, based on SmCo5 magnets, for cryogenic devices with rotational frequency 110000 rotations/min.;
  • 4-polar rotor, based on Sm2(Co,Fe,CuZz)17 magnets;
  • 4-polar rotor, based on NdFeB magnets, for generators w=100 kWatts, rotational frequency - 100000 rotations/min.;
  • 24-polar bonded NdFeB magnets for conditioning systems;
  • wind motors without the stripping effect, 1 - 5 kWatts;
  • multipolar rotors for starter generators, 8 kWatts.

Our company designs and produces standard magnetic rotors, as well as magnetic rotors for individual customers' needs.      

Taking into consideration all requirements and production specifics, our company produces a wide range of rotors with a wide range of characteristics, configurations and sizes.

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