Magnetic systems and devices


Research & production company «Erga» carries out continuous research in the field of design of magnetic devices and systems, based on high-power Nd-Fe-B magnets.

Our company produces a wide range of multi-purpose magnetic systems, such as:

  • magnetic systems with maximum flux
  • magnetic systems with specific magnetic field distributions;
  • magnetic systems with maximum electromagnetic force.

The above-mentioned magnetic systems can be used in:

  • rotors and stators of electric machinery;
  • magnetic couplings and reducers;
  • drum and roll separators with high-gradient magnetic fields (1 Tsl and greater, within 1 cm from the surface of the magnets);
  • both regulated and high-gradient magnetic systems for magnetizing hydrocarbon and water systems;
  • magnetic systems for magnetic plates and lifters, including devices for extraction of metal scrap from wells;
  • magnetic systems for medical applications.

All produced articles have a number of advantageous features:

  • Operation doesn't require electric power, thus reducing overall power consumption expenses;
  • Small weight and dimensions, in comparison with electromagnets, make our magnetic systems mobile and highly productive;
  • Magnetic systems do not require technical servicing and have a 10-year life span.

Trying to take into consideration all application specifics, our company produces magnetic systems with a wide range of characteristics, configurations and sizes.

The following problems will be also dealt with during production:

  • optimization of magnetic systems;
  • technological aspects of assembling complicated magnetic systems;
  • perspectives of production of ideal magnetic systems;
  • calculations of demagnetizing magnetic fields of new systems.

Many other problems, contributing to the process of creation of perfect high gradient magnetic systems, will also be solved:

  • creating modern production of high-energy permanent magnets;
  • elaboration of requirements for new generation of magnetic systems;
  • classification of magnetic systems design tasks;
  • calculations of effectiveness reduction in assembled magnetic systems;
  • technological production specifics of complicated magnetic systems;
  • designing riggings for assembling complicated magnetic systems.
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