V-BSM drum magnetic separators

V-BSM drum magnetic separators

Drum magnetic separators with underfeed (so-called removing separators) are irreplaceable for the solution of complex tasks of magnetic separation of metal scrap and other materials with high content of strong magnetic inclusions.

Material transported under the magnetic drum enters powerful magnetic field of the separator, created by a fixed magnetic system. Under the effect of the magnetic field, strong magnetic inclusions in the material flow are attracted to the magnetic system and held on the shell surface rotating around it. Such inclusions are dumped during their movement outside the magnetic field area by rejecting ribs mounted on the shell.

  • Alternation of magnetic system poles, creating the mixing effect of held inclusions, and the rotation of the drum shell in the direction opposite to material flow, contributes to the recovery and dumping of non-magnetic materials mixed with magnetic inclusions removed by the separator.
  • Working zones of V-BSM separators are conventionally divided into recovery, holding and transportation areas having different functional purpose and, correspondingly, different characteristics of the magnetic field. Magnetic system position control is provided for selecting optimal operation mode in V-BSM separators.
  • Unique patented magnetic systems on permanent magnets ensure long effective operation of magnetic separators. The warranty retention life of magnetic system properties, if the operation conditions are observed, is 10 years.
  • Solid, wear-resistant materials and reliable accessories are used for the production of V-BSM magnetic separators ensuring long life of the equipment in heavy duty industrial conditions.
  • V-BSM magnetic separators have a lot of advantages over electromagnetic equivalents – no power consumption for magnetic field generation, higher operation reliability, lower dimensions and weight.

Research and Production Company “ERGA” designs, manufactures and delivers ‘turnkey’ complete technical solutions for separation of ferrous and nonferrous scrap, shredded waste, slagheaps and other materials. Magnetic separation lines are completed individually for every specific recycling task.

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