Separators for purification of cooling mixtures. SOZH model


SOZH separators are designed to operate together with polishing, honing, milling, drilling and other lapping machinery, where abrasive materials are used. This separator model effectively removes metal particles up to 3 mm 3 – ferromagnetic steel , cast iron and other magnetic materials. SOZH separators purify mineral oil-based aqueous emulsions (96,5% water and 3,5% emulsoid), with 1 mm2/s viscosity at temperatures ranging from 5 to 65 °С . Purification of oily, synthetic and other liquids with viscosity up to 75 mm2/s is also possible.
SOZH separators guarantee higher quality of component's surface treatment, continuous usage of cooling mixture and also prevent expensive equipment from breaking.


SOZH separators can be used as stand-alone devices or together with other equipment for removal of tramp metal from cooling mixture.


Operation of SOZH magnetic separation system is based on the principle of extraction of magnetic admixtures by a magnetic field, created by permanent magnets, based on rare-earth metals Nd-Fe-B.

SOZH separators consist of magnetic drum inside of a stainless steel casing. The drum is rotated by a motor-reductor. Used cooling mixture is poured in the receiving chamber of the separator. Passing through the batcher, cooling mixture is evenly distributed in the working zone. When moving under the magnetic drum, ferromagnetic particles are drawn to its surface and are held there by a powerful magnetic field. Cleaning of the drum is performed by an adjustable scraper, which is attached to the inclined separator's tray. For removal of cooling mixture remains off the magnetic drum, a special compression roll is provided. Purified cooling mixture continues its movement on its natural trajectory, while ferromagnetic particles are collected on the scraper. Cooling mixture, remaining on the drum, is transferred to a special container.


SOZH separators are designed for removal of ferromagnetic admixtures (fine magnetic particles mixed with abrasive and other nonmagnetic particles) from a directional flow of cooling mixture.

Technical characteristics

  1. Separated material fraction – under 3 mm;
  2. Separated material viscosity – up to 75 mm2/s;
  3. Output – up to 1000 l/min;
  4. Magnetic system material - Nd-Fe-B, (BH) max > 300 kJ/m3;
  5. Magnetic induction on the surface of magnetic blocks, at t=20( °С ), - 100 - 200 (mTsl);
  6. Maximum operation temperature - +80 °С (+120 °С );
  7. Cleaning system - automatic;
Stability of magnetic properties is guaranteed for 10 years.

Technical parameters of all separators can be changed according to customer's specific requests. Separators are fire/explosion-safe devices, which can be used in complicated conditions, requiring strict observance of safety regulations. If you didn't find a separator, suitable for your needs, fill in the order form and send it to our specialists to design and manufacture a separator, complying with your request.

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