High inductance roll separators. SMVI model

High inductance roll separators.  SMVI model

High-gradient roll-type separators are applied for dry magnetic separation of non-metallic materials and feebly magnetic ores.

From the separator’s receiving bunker, the material comes to the vibration feeder, from where it is uniformly supplied to a belt conveyor with a magnetic drive shaft. Under the effect of a magnetic field created by the shaft, magneto-susceptible inclusions, located in the flow of material to be separated, are gravitated to the shaft and are held on the surface of a Kevlar belt enveloping it and transferring inclusions into the dumping area. A plate splitter to be installed under the magnetic shaft is used for separating the flow of non-magnetic material component from the flow of inclusions with a low magnetic susceptibility, changing the motion trajectory under the effect of a powerful magnetic field.

Research and Production Company “ERGA” produces SMVI-1, -2, -3 series roll-type magnetic separators, intended for the one- and two-stage separation and equipped with one or two magnetic rolls accordingly. The dry magnetic separation technology with the preliminary removal of a strong-magnetic material component via drum (SMBM series) or rod magnetic separators (ASMK series), with the subsequent release of a feebly magnetic component via SMVI-2 series roll-type separators, became the most wide-spread.

  • Magnetic induction on the surface of magnetic rolls of SMVI-1, -2, -3 series magnetic separators reaches 1.7 T (17 000 Gs), that corresponds to the field density of 1 350 kA/m (17 000 Oe). The design of magnetic rolls was patented.
  • The material supply system using a vibration feeder ensures the uniform distribution of material flow at the whole width of the operating area.
  • The control systems of SMVI-1, -2, -3 series magnetic separators are optimized for an easy setting of equipment operation modes.
  • The connection possibility of SMVI-1, -2, -3 series magnetic separators to the aspiration systems is provided.
  • Patented unique magnetic systems based on permanent magnets ensure the long effective operation of magnetic separators. The warranty retention life of magnetic system features, if the operation conditions are observed, is 10 years.
  • Roll-type separators have a lot of advantages over electromagnetic equivalents – the absence of power consumptions for the generation of a magnetic field, higher operation reliability, lower dimensions and weight.
  • The equipment quality is confirmed by a permission of the Rostechnadzor, GOST R and Customs Union conformance certificates.

For the removal of a strong-magnetic material component before its supply to SMVI-1, -2, -3 series roll-type separators, it is recommended to use SMBM-series drum magnetic separators.

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