Separators for adhesive products. SMVA series

Separators for adhesive products. SMVA series


SMVA magnetic separators are designed for removal of ferromagnetic particles from powdered bulk lumpy, adhesive products sticking in transportation systems during processing.


SMVA systems are usually installed when there is a possibility of installation of new equipment in the existing process line with a few modifications, at the stage of feeding raw materials to the production line, or as a final production quality control stage.

Operation principle

SMVA separator consists of a sealed housing, with a magnetic system, installed on a drive pulley (so-called drum, consisting of magnetic rods with removable casings, arranged in a circular form). The geared motor setting the drive pulley in motion is installed on the outer side of the housing. A special “maintenance door” on the frontal surface of the separator's casing is used to access the magnetic system. During operation the hinged door hermetically closes the casing. For convenient mounting of the device into the process line, it is equipped with attachment flanges as per dimensions provided by the customer.


SMVA magnetic separators are commonly applied in powder metallurgy, construction materials, foodstuffs industries: for separation of dried milk, glass charge, plaster, chalk, carbon and other powdered products.

Technical characteristics

  1. Separated material fraction –from  0.001 to 1 mm;
  2. Separated material moisture –to 2%;
  3. Capacity–to 150 t/h;
  4. Magnetic system material Nd-Fe-B;
  5. Magnetic induction on the surface of magnetic blocks: to 900 (mT);
  6. Maximum operating temperature –to +150°С;
  7. Cleaning system – automatic;
  8. Stability of magnetic properties is guaranteed for min.10 years.

Technical parameters can be changed upon customer’s request. The separators are fire-proof machines, thus can be used in severe conditions that require strict compliance with safety standards. If you have difficulties with the choice of equipment or cannot find a suitable separator among the products presented, you can place an inquiry for the separator that meets your requirements.

Model* Dimensions, mm Magnetic induction, mT Weight, kg Power consumption, kW
SMVA 300х300 1330х540х785 100-400 190 0,25
SMVA 400х400 1430х540х785 100-400 200 0,25
SMVA 500х500 1530х640х785 100-400 230 0,25
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