Pipeline separators. SMTP series

Pipeline separators. SMTP series


SMTP separator is designed for removal of tramp metal from various liquids with different viscosity.


SMTP pipeline separator is mounted inline with the product forced flow under pressure or in free-flow drain line.

Operation principle

Ferromagnetic particles and bodies as well as metal chips are extracted from various types of liquid products by high-intensity magnetic field. The main construction elements of SMTP separators are magnetic stainless steel rods. Magnetic systems can be stationary or interchangeable. Stainless steel net (filter) with cells of different diameter for removal of nonmagnetic materials can also be included. To prevent thickening of the product, SMTP-2 modification of pipeline separators is equipped with a heating "water jacket". All separator joints have rubber seals. Backing or attachment flanges for SMTP separators can be manufactured on customer's request.


SMTP separators are especially popular in confectionary and ceramics industry and are used for separation of chocolate and ceramic glaze, fat masses, vegetable oil and other liquid products.

Technical characteristics

Model* Dimensions, mm Magnetic induction, mT Weight, kg
SMTP-1 DN32 300х190х207 100-600 5
SMTP-1 DN50 300х190х205 100-600 10
SMTP-1 DN65 300х190х214 100-600 12
SMTP-1 DN80 400х294х410 100-600 27
SMTP-1 DN100 389х294х315 100-600 28
SMTP-1 DN150 400х300х334 100-600 34
SMTP-2 DN32 270х207х205 100-600 14
SMTP-2 DN50 300х221х205 100-600 16
SMTP-2 DN65 300х205х214 100-600 20
SMTP-2 DN80 420х274х290 100-600 32
SMTP-2 DN100 447х340х316 100-600 48
SMTP-2 DN150 455х350х340 100-600 55
Model* Dimensions, mm Magnetic induction, mT Weight, kg
SMTP-2U/DN32 270х221х201 100-400 12
SMTP-2U/DN50 300х221х213 100-400 16
SMTP-2U/DN65 300х221х213 100-400 18
SMTP-2U/DN80 420х274х283 100-400 36
SMTP-2U/DN100 360х250х286 100-400 32
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