Magnetic grates. SMR model


SMR grates are widely applied in many industries – plastics production and recycling, chemical, foodstuffs, glass industries, etc. Common products – granulated polymers, carbon, glass charge, grain, sugar and other free-flowing materials.


Magnetic grates, based on permanent magnets, can be produced in a large number of configurations and shapes (circle, rectangle, pyramid) and can be installed virtually on every step of the technological product-processing chain in hoppers, chutes, pneumatic transportation systems, etc. In receiving hoppers, grates are usually installed on special slide rails, welded to the inner walls of the hopper. Top cords can be also be provided for simple extraction of the grate from the hopper.


Principle of operation of magnetic grates is quite simple – product flows through the grate, composed of magnetic rods with stainless steel casings (standard grates usually consist of two layers of rods). Configuration of the rods allows complete coverage of the product flow area by a powerful magnetic field, preventing passage of ferromagnetic admixtures through the grate. Magnetic grates are cleaned by rags, scrapers or brushes.


Magnetic grates are designed for removal of tramp metal from free-flowing or liquid products. Simple construction of magnetic grates guarantees their easy integration into technological lines.

Technical characteristics

  1. Separated product fraction - 0,01 - 20 mm;
  2. Separated product humidity – up to 100%;
  3. Output – up to 200 t/hour;
  4. Magnetic system material - Nd-Fe-B, ( ВН )max > 300 kJ/m 3 ;
  5. Magnetic induction on the surface of the system, at t=20 (°С ), - 150 - 700 (mTsl);
  6. Maximum operation temperature - +80 °С (+120 °С );
  7. Cleaning system - manual ;
  8. Stability of magnetic properties is guaranteed for 10 years.

Technical parameters of all separators can be changed according to customer's specific requests. Separators are fire/explosion-safe devices, which can be used in complicated conditions, requiring strict observance of safety regulations. If you didn't find a separator, suitable for your needs, fill in the order form and send it to our specialists to design and manufacture a separator, complying with your request.

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