Suspended guard magnets of SMPR & SMPR-M series

Suspended guard magnets of SMPR & SMPR-M series

Powerful suspended guard magnets with mechanical treatment system ensure qualitative removal of large strong magnetic inclusions from material flows transported by belt conveyors.

Material transported by a conveyor enters in the magnetic field area of the guard magnet, under the effect of which strong magnetic inclusions, locating in the material flow, are drawn and held at the surface of so-called extractor located under the magnetic system of non-magnetic steel plate, equipped with ribs. The guard magnet is cleaned by a simple ejection of the extractor, when attracted inclusions are carried away outside the magnetic field area (outside the conveyor), where they are dumped.

Research and Production Company “ERGA” produces suspended guard magnets with mechanical treatment systems of SMPR series (with ‘standard’ magnetic systems) and SMPR-M series (with more powerful magnetic systems). The application of suspended guard magnets with a mechanical treatment system is especially reasonable at a low content of strong magnetic inclusions in separated materials. For high content of metal inclusions in raw materials it is recommended to use self-dumping suspended guard magnets of SMPA, SMPA-M and SMPA-TM series or pulley guard magnets of SMB series.

  • The depth of removal area is one of the main quality parameters of suspended guard magnets. Unique magnetic systems designed by Research and Production Company “ERGA” ensure the removal of strong magnetic inclusions from the distance up to 400 millimeters from the operating surface of the guard magnet.
  • Patented magnetic systems on permanent magnets ensure long effective operation of guard magnets. The guaranteed retention life of magnetic system features as long as operation conditions are observed is 10 years.
  • Thanks to the magnetic systems on permanent magnets, SMPR and SMPR-M guard magnets do not consume electrical power and differ from their electromagnetic equivalents by the considerably higher operational reliability.
  • SMPR and SMPR-M guard magnets correspond to current requirements of industrial safety regulations and rules in the Russian Federation and can be applied in explosive and flammable, chemically hazardous productions and facilities.

The separation quality can be considerably improved by reducing the height of guard magnet suspension over the material. Installation of suspended guard magnets over drive drums of belt conveyers is often practiced. In such cases, the enhancement of recovery efficiency is achieved not only by additional approach of guard magnet to the material flow but also by the simplicity of inclusion removal from free-fall flow.

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