Drum magnetic separators of SMBM-3 series

Drum magnetic separators of SMBM-3 series


Two-drum magnetic separators designed to recover magneto-susceptible inclusions of different size from dry non-magnetic fines when it is required to minimize fines carryover together with the magnetic fraction.

Operation principle

схемы работы

The design and function of SMBM-3 series magnetic separator in the whole are similar to SMBM magnetic separator. The first substantial design difference of SMBM-3 is division of separator interiors into maximally inter-isolated separation area and discharge area. The second important difference is another, auxiliary magnetic drum, located in a close proximity from the main operating magnetic drum and designed for removal of magneto-susceptible inclusions held on the main drum shell, their transportation and discharge.


  • Maximum isolation of dumping and separation areas minimizes quantity of material getting into the discharge area due to dusting.
  • Intense magnetic mixing and transfer of magnetic inclusions from the main to auxiliary drum release material particles, held together with magnetic inclusions, which also contributes to the reduction of losses in non-magnetic components of the separation material (carryover into magnetic fraction).
  • If required, SMBM-3 separators are completed with vibration feeders for maximum separation efficiency due to uniformly distributed material supply.
  • Research and Production Company “ERGA” personnel have designed several different magnetic systems for SMBM-3 for various magnetic materials and inclusions.
  • Patented unique magnetic systems based on permanent magnets ensure the long effective operation of magnetic separators. The warranty retention life of magnetic system features, if the operation conditions are observed, is 10 years.
  • SMBM-3 series magnetic separators correspond to the requirements of industrial safety regulations and rules valid in the Russian Federation and can be applied at explosive and flammable, chemically dangerous enterprises.
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