Magnetic drum. SMBM-2 VP model


Main advantages of the SMBM-2 VP model are: high efficiency, low energy consumption and high economic profitability. SMBM-2 VP magnetic separators are suitable for various industries – mining and smelting, glass, wood processing, recycling, etc.



SMBM-2 VP magnetic separators are used for extraction of ferromagnetic particles from various products. Magnetic system (180° sector) is installed on a magnetic drum which is fixed inside a  replaceable stainless steel shell, rotated around the magnetiic system by the motor-reductor. Separation product is fed through the loading hopper directly on the rotating shell. Ferromagnetic particles are drawn to the surface of the shell under the influence of a powerful magnetic field, and stay there until the rotating shell goes beyond the magnetic sector of the drum. The magnetic field disappears and ferromagnetic particles are discharged from the shell, while non-magnetic components of the product continue moving on their original trajectory.

A multipolar magnetic system guarantees efficient extraction  of occasional magnetic particles from  product aggregates, minimizing product losses and improving its quality.

Magnetic drum separators are supplied with control boards with  frequency converters. Self-cleaning design guarantees non-stop automatic discharge of ferrous metals from the drum surface and eliminates influence of the "human factor" on the separation process.


SMBM-2 VP magnetic drum separators are designed for concentration of medium- and weakly-magnetic ore and nonmetallic materials (for obtaining high quality concentrates and protecting technological equipment from breakages, caused by tramp iron).

Technical characteristics

  1. Separated material size - 0,07 - 10 mm;
  2. Separated material humidity – up to 5%;
  3. Output – up to 50 tons per hour;
  4. Magnetic system material - Nd-Fe-B, (BH) max > 300 kJ/m3;
  5. Magnetic induction on the surface of the magnetic drum - 450 - 900 (mTsl);
  6. Maximum product temperature – up to +80°С;
  7. Cleaning system – automatic (adjustable);
  8. Stability of magnetic properties is guaranteed for 10 years.

Technical parameters of all magnetic separators can be changed according to fit custom requests. Separators are fire/explosion-safe devices, which can be used in rough conditions, requiring strict observance of safety regulations. If you didn't find a separator suitable for your needs, fill in the order form and send it to our specialists to design and manufacture a separator, complying with your request.

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