Modular systems. SMBM-2 series

Modular systems. SMBM-2 series


This separator is designed for concentration of iron and manganese ore, (as well as other metallic and nonmetallic materials) by removal of ferromagnetic components from the product flow. SMBM-2 magnetic separators can also be applied for concentration of ferrous metallurgy slags.


Modular drum systems are usually installed in gravity flows and discharge chutes of an existing production line.

Operation principle

SMBM magnetic separators are used for extraction of ferromagnetic particles from various products. Magnetic system (180° sector) is installed on a magnetic drum which is fixed inside a stainless steel shell, rotated around the magnetic system by the motor-reducer. Separation product is fed through the infeed hopper directly on the rotating shell. Ferromagnetic particles are drawn to the surface of the shell under the influence of a powerful magnetic field, and stay there until the rotating shell goes beyond the magnetic sector of the drum. The magnetic field disappears and ferromagnetic particles are discharged from the shell into a special container. A multipolar magnetic system also guarantees efficient extraction of magnetic tramp from product aggregates, minimizing product losses and improving quality.

The drum is equipped with a removable protective shell made of non-magnetic material.

The magnetic separator is equipped with a remote control with a frequency converter. Automatic cleaning system ensures continuous discharge of magnetic materials from the working surface and serves as poka yoke.

Various controls (adjustable slide gate, splitter, variable frequency drive, etc.) ensure uniform distribution of material and additional adjustment of the separator operation modes for optimal final result - better separation of the raw material.


High operational reliability, low power consumption of magnetic separators produced by ERGA provide high profitability, which leads to fast ROI. SMBM-2 separator is used in many industries: mining and metallurgy, glass, wood-processing, construction, as well as in recycling.

Technical specifications

  1. Separated material size range: 0.07 - 60 mm;
  2. Moisture of infeed material: to 5%;
  3. Capacity:  to 200 t/h;
  4. Magnetic system: Nd-Fe-B, (BH) max> 300 kJ/m3;
  5. Magnetic induction on magnetic drum surface from 100 to 800 mT;
  6. Maximum operating temperature:  + 80 °С
  7. Magnetic separator cleaning – automatic (adjustable);
  8. Min. period of stability of magnetic properties: 10 years.

Technical parameters can be changed upon customer’s request. The separators are fire-proof machines, thus can be used in severe conditions that require strict compliance with safety standards. If you have difficulties with the choice of equipment or cannot find a suitable separator among the products presented, you can place an inquiry for the separator that meets your requirements.

For videos demonstrating our machines in operation visit ERGA channel on YouTube

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