SMB pulley guard magnets

SMB pulley guard magnets

Belt conveyor drive drums equipped with powerful magnetic systems ensure qualitative removal of large strong magnetic inclusions.

In the discharge zone of the belt conveyor transported material enters the magnetic field area of the guard magnet, under the effect of which strong magnetic inclusions, locating in the free-falling material flow, are attracted to the conveying belt around the guard magnet. Metal inclusions reliably held by powerful magnetic field are conveyed around the drive drum into the area where the magnetic field weakens and such inclusions are dumped.

Application of SMB pulley guard magnets is most reasonable if effective removal of strong magnetic inclusions from deep layers of bulk materials is required.

  • Thanks to the transportation of materials in proximity to the of guard magnet system and simple removal of metal inclusions from free-falling flow, SMB pulley guard magnets ensure qualitative removal of strong magnetic inclusions regardless of their location in the material flow.
  • Unique patented magnetic systems on permanent magnets ensure long effective operation of guard magnets. The warranty retention life of magnetic system features, if the operation conditions are observed, is 10 years.
  • Most pulley guard magnets produced by Research and Production Company “ERGA” are used to replace the drive drums of the conveyors in operation. For the maximum simplification of the replacement procedure, SMB pulley guard magnets are manufactured according to the existing drum dimensions supplied by customers.
  • If necessary, lining of pulley guard magnets, preventing belt slip and misalignment and minimizing belt wear rate and damage risk of the guard magnet shell, is provided.
  • Thanks to magnetic systems on permanent magnets SMB pulley guard magnets do not consume any electrical power unlike their electromagnetic equivalents.
  • SMB guard magnets correspond to the requirements of industrial safety rules and regulations valid in the Russian Federation and can be applied in explosive and chemically hazardous facilities.

Research and Production Company “ERGA” produces KSMB mini-conveyors completed with pulley guard magnets in different versions.

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