Pneumatic transport separators. SM series.

Pneumatic transport separators. SM series.


SM separators are used for effective removal of tramp ferromagnetic parts and bodies from bulk and granulated products.SM separators are used for effective removal of tramp ferromagnetic parts and bodies from bulk and granulated products.


Magnetic grid SM separators are installed in free-flow pneumatic transportation systems with square or round cross section pipes, under infeed hopper or other production sites, where material moves freely or under low pressure.

Operation principle

The main construction element of SM separator is a single- or double-row magnetic grid box, composed of stainless steel tubes with a unique magnetic system inside. Magnetic field in a double-row grid completely covers the separator's section, excluding passage of ferromagnetic particles through the separator. Magnetic system can be installed on a swivel or removable flange with rubber seal. SM housings can be round or square in shape to suit the customer's transportation system. Attachment flanges are usually also manufactured for SM separators to simplify their installation into the customer's production line. SM separators can be produced with mechanical cleaning systems for easy cleaning without brushes or scrapers.


SM magnetic separators are widely used in many industries (glass, chemistry, plastics, foodstuffs), they can be used for separation of various bulk products at the point of feeding raw materials into production lines or during the final quality control production steps.

Technical characteristics

  1. Separated material size range:0.01 to 20 mm;
  2. Moisture of infeed material: 100%;
  3. Magnetic system: Nd-Fe-B, (BH) max> 300 kJ/m3;
  4. Magnetic induction on the surface of magnetic blocks at t=20°C: 150-550 mT
  5. Maximum operating temperature:  + 80 °С (+ 120 °С);
  6. Magnetic separator cleaning – manual (mechanical);
  7. Min. period of stability of magnetic properties: 10 years.

Technical parameters can be changed upon customer’s request. The separators are fire-proof machines, thus can be used in severe conditions that require strict compliance with safety standards. If you have difficulties with the choice of equipment or cannot find a suitable separator among the products presented, you can place an inquiry for the separator that meets your requirements.

Model * Dimensions, mm Capacity, m33/h Weight, kg
SM-1 200 (200х200) 292х290х150 25 11
SM-1 250 (250х250) 350х330х150 38 20
SM-1 300 (300х300) 406х350х150 55 25
SM-1 400 (400х400) 503х480х150 100 35
SM-1 500 (500х500) 620х600х250 150 50
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