Magnets for bucket elevators. PSM-3 series

Magnets for bucket elevators. PSM-3 series

Plate metal separators of PSM-3 series are manufactured in the form of feeding spouts of bucket elevators with built-in magnetic plates.

Efficient and inexpensive plate separators of PSM-3 series are widely used in the food industry.


Due to their wide free flow section (magnetic systems are placed outside of the casing), PSM separators are usually used when there is danger of product clogging in the flow section. Separators efficiently remove large (heavier than 15 g) ferromagnetic metals from the dry/granulated product flow.


PSM-3 plate magnets are installed into inclined sections of gravity pipelines or as elevator boots.

Operation principle

Material from the elevator feed boot moves along the inclined bottom wall of the boot, falls into the area of the magnetic field created by the magnetic system located in the plate installed on the flip cover. The strongly magnetic inclusions in the material flow are removed from the stream and held on the plate body. Cleaning of the magnetic plate from held inclusions is done manually after stopping the material feeding.

The design of PSM-3 separators ensures easy removal of magnetic blocks for cleaning without great physical efforts. It is possible to produce separators with a mechanical cleaning system, which does not require special brushes or scrapers to remove ferromagnetic contaminants.


PSM-3 have found wide application in feed mill, grain processing. Used for separation of bulk and granulated feed, grain and other bulk products.

Technical characteristics

  1. Separated material size range – 0.01 - 100 mm;
  2. Infeed material moisture- up to 95%;
  3. Capacity- to 200 t/h;
  4. Magnetic system material - Nd-Fe-B, (ВН)max 290 kJ/m3;
  5. Magnetic induction on magnetic blocks surface at t=20(°С), - 150 - 400 (mT);
  6. Maximum operating temperature - up to +80°С (+120°С);
  7. Magnetic separator cleaning - manual;
  8. Stability of magnetic properties - 10 years.

Technical parameters can be changed upon customer’s request. The separators are fire-proof machines, thus can be used in severe conditions that require strict compliance with safety standards. If you have difficulties with the choice of equipment or cannot find a suitable separator among the products presented, you can place an inquiry for the separator that meets your requirements.

Model * Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Induction, mT
PSM-3 300х300 380х452х400 55 220
PSM-3 400х400 480х452х400 68 220
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