Gravity pipeline separators. PSM-2A series

Gravity pipeline separators. PSM-2A series


PSM-2A is used to capture occasional ferromagnetic bodies and particles from bulk and granular materials in automatic mode without stopping the technological processing.


PSM-2A separators are installed into gravity pipelines with round or square cross sections, under infeed hopper or in other production sites where the product flows under gravity or low pressure.

Operation principle

Main construction elements of PSM-2A plate separators are magnetic plates on sides of the separator. Directional magnetic fields inducted by magnetic plates effectively cover the whole flow area. Thanks to the splitter the product is directed to the plates and passes through the strong magnetic field. The trapped metal-magnetic contaminants are tightly held in the lower "shadow zone" of the plate, excluding the product flow before it is cleaned. Cleaning is in automatic mode set by the operator depending on the degree of material contamination.


Simple in operation with minimal changes when built in existing process line, reliable, low power consuming in comparison with electromagnets, as well as cleaning materials with a large range of magnetic properties PSM-2A are commonly used in many industries. The main application of the series is in the construction industry (cement production) and in agricultural industry.

Technical specifications

  1. Separated material size range – 0.01 - 50 mm;
  2. Capacity- from 1 to 350  t/h;
  3. Magnetic separator cleaning - manual;
  4. Stability of magnetic properties - 10 years.

Technical parameters can be changed upon customer’s request. The separators are fire-proof machines, thus can be used in severe conditions that require strict compliance with safety standards. If you have difficulties with the choice of equipment or cannot find a suitable separator among the products presented, you can place an inquiry for the separator that meets your requirements.

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