Gravity pipeline separators. PSM-2 series

Gravity pipeline separators. PSM-2 series

Compact plate magnetic separators of PSM-2 series built in gravity pipelines provide efficient cleaning of transported materials from strongly magnetic contaminants.

Small in height plate metal separators of PSM-2 series are easily mounted into gravity pipelines in conditions of limited installation space.


  • Work surfaces of the magnetic plates are equipped with ribs forming the so-called shadow zones, necessary for reliable holding of fine strongly magnetic inclusions and preventing their flow with the rest of material.
  • Magnetic plates allow for free flow of non-magnetic components, which helps to prevent raw material from hanging and clogging in operation with wet or adhesive materials.
  • Material stirring during flowing through the bended central part of the separator facilitates qualitative material cleaning on the second magnetic plate.
  • Unique patented permanent magnetic systems ensure long efficient operation of the separators. Guaranteed period of magnetic system stability, subject to observance of the operation rules is 10 years.


Due to the wide free flow section (magnetic systems are placed outside of the casing), PSM separators are usually used, when there is danger of product clogging in the flow section. Separators efficiently remove large (heavier than 15 g) ferromagnetic metals from the dry/granulated product flow.


PSM-2 separators are installed into inclined or straight (round or square cross sections) gravity pipelines.

Operation principle

Main construction elements of PSM-2 plate separators are magnetic plates on flap-lids. Directional magnetic fields inducted by magnetic plates effectively cover the whole flow area. Thanks to the powerful magnetic field ferromagnetic bodies are not carried away by the product flow, but are strongly held in the lower "shadow zone" of the magnetic plate until cleaning. Constructions of all the PSM separators allow easy cleaning of magnetic systems without much effort. Plate separators with mechanical cleaning systems, where no brushes or scrapers are needed for cleaning, are also manufactured. Production of stand-alone magnetic plates is also possible, to suit specific needs of all the customers.


PSM magnetic separators are widely applied in feed-mill, grain-processing, mining and metallurgy, chemical industries. PSM separators are also used for separation of glass batch, crushed aggregates, wood shavings and all free-flowing and granulated products.

Technical characteristics

  • Separated material size range – 0.01 - 100 mm;
  • Infeed material moisture- up to 95%;
  • Capacity- to 200 t/h;
  • Magnetic system material - Nd-Fe-B, (ВН)max 290 kJ/m3;
  • Magnetic induction on magnetic system surface at t=20(°С), - 150 - 400 (mTsl);
  • Maximum operating temperature - up to +80°С (+120°С);
  • Magnetic separator cleaning - manual;
  • Stability of magnetic properties – min. 10 years.

Technical parameters can be changed upon customer’s request. The separators are fire-proof machines, thus can be used in severe conditions that require strict compliance with safety standards. If you have difficulties with the choice of equipment or cannot find a suitable separator among the products presented, you can place an inquiry for the separator that meets your requirements.

Model * Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Induction, mT
PSM-2 200х200 475х285х300 36 220
PSM-2 250х250 648х362х410 115 220
PSM-2 300х300 710х406х410 132 220
PSM-2 350х350 760х450х410 180 220
PSM-2 400х400 716х569х600 220 220
PSM-2 500х500 900х600х600 280 220
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