Magnetic rods. MSS model



Magnetic rods, based on permanent magnets, can be installed in any place of the solid or liquid material flow. Simple construction allows installation of magnetic rods practically in every environment (including aggressive ones). Magnetic rods have a high corrosion-resistance coefficient and a long service-time, when used correctly.



Magnetic rods are used for extraction of tramp metals from free-flowing dry materials and from liquids. Magnetic rods are used when effective purification of materials is needed, and installation of grate assemblies is impossible or groundless.

Technical characteristics

  1. Standard diameters: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 mm;
  2. Standard length: 100 mm and more;
  3. Magnetic induction on the surface: from 400 up to 700 mTsl;
  4. Operation temperature: from -50 up to 100 ºС.

Magnetic rods are made of stainless steel 12 Х 18 Н 10 Т , with high-energy magnetic systems, based on Nd-Fe-B.

Technical parameters of all separators can be changed according to customer's specific requests. Separators are fire/explosion-safe devices, which can be used in complicated conditions, requiring strict observance of safety regulations. If you didn't find a separator, suitable for your needs, fill in the order form and send it to our specialists to design and manufacture a separator, complying with your request.

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