Magnetic separators and guard magnets

BSM drum magnetic separators

SMB pulley guard magnets

Suspended guard magnets of SMPA, SMPA-M and SMPA-TM series

Suspended guard magnets of SMPR & SMPR-M series

V-BSM drum magnetic separators

Wet drum magnetic separators of MBS and MBS-R series

SMBM and SMBM-2 drum magnetic separators

Modular systems. SMBM-2 series

Drum magnetic separators of SMBM-3 series

Mini-conveyor with a built-in magnetic pulley. KSMB model

Roll magnetic separators of SMVI-1 and SMVI-2 series

SMVT eddy current magnetic separators

Gravity pipeline separators. PSM-1 series

Gravity pipeline separators. PSM-2 series

Gravity pipeline separators. PSM-2A series

Magnets for bucket elevators. PSM-3 series

Suspended magnets. PSM-4 series

Pneumatic transport separators. SM series.

Pipeline separators. SMTP series

Pneumatic transport separator. SMK series

Pneumatic transport separators with automatic cleaning. ASMK series

Separators for adhesive products. SMVR series

Separators for adhesive products. SMVA series

High inductance roll separators. SMVI model

Magnetic probes. MSS-P model

Magnetic rods. MSS model

Separators for purification of cooling mixtures. SOZH model

Magnetic grates. SMR model

Magnetic drum. SMBM-2 VP model

Magnetic separators are machines designed for separating multi-component materials into components by their magnetic properties.

Despite the apparent limitation of the application, magnetic separators are used at the vast majority of enterprises of mining and processing industries for cleaning non-magnetic materials from magnetic impurities or for enriching magnetic ores. Actually, the separators ensure pure raw materials required for quality ready products or for protection of process equipment against damages and accelerated wear, caused by magnetic inclusions getting into mechanisms.

Since 1996 Research and Production Company “ERGA” has been specialized in development and production of magnetic separators on permanent magnets. Combination of high operating characteristics, long-term magnetic stability, no power for magnetic field generation, operating reliability and safety, PM separators surely put traditionally applied electromagnetic analogs out of the market.


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