Magnetic beams ARMAG®

Beams, equipped with electrically-constant magnetic grabs, ensure a reliable capture and holding during a movement of long, large-size and/or heavy-weight black steels and alloy products.

The key feature of magnetic beams ARMAG® is the application in its composition of powerful electrically-constant magnetic grabs, which control is made by the flash magnetization and demagnetization of magnetic systems.

  • The uniform load distribution between grabs and the smooth freight lift ensured by special damper devices allow avoiding deformations of moved products.
  • Magnetic beams ARMAG® consume electric power, only when electrically constant grabs are on and off, thereby the power consumption of ARMAG® beams is 95% lower than of the equivalent electromagnetic systems.
  • Magnetic beams ARMAG® even not equipped with standby power systems ensure the highest safety level of handling works – freights are held with a constant force during the unlimited time, without a risk of accidental dumping due to a power failure.
  • All the electrically constant grabs are to be carefully checked and tested at a calibrated stand, products with the safety factor of no less than 3.2 (ratio of breakaway to rated lifting capacity) are permitted to be dumped. The equipment quality is confirmed by a Rostechnadzor’s permission, GOST R and Customs Union conformance certificates.
  • The total control over the operation of magnetic beams ARMAG® is made with the help of compact and ergonomic control desks. The possibility of remote control by electrically constant grabs allows using magnetic beams ARMAG® for handling works where the strapper operation is problematic or impossible.
  • The usage possibility of magnetic beams ARMAG® in the modes, when not all the grabs are used simultaneously, but only those groups, which are necessary for handling freights of a definite shape, size and/or weight.
  • The remaining magnetization of freights, occurring under the effect of magnetic fields of electrically constant grabs, is minimal and creates no problems during welding works or precise material treatment.

Research and Production Company “ERGA” produces many specialized models of magnetic beams ARMAG®, allowing the maximum simplification and safety of operation with freights of different types, while considering the specific features of handling works in every particular enterprise.


ARMAG-LS series

Magnetic beams of ARMAG-LS series are intended for the operation with a plate metal-roll with a thickness from 12 mm.

ARMAG-LT series

Magnetic beams of ARMAG-LS series are intended for the operation with a sheet metal-roll (from 2 to 12 mm) – special magnetic systems ensure a capture of separate sheets without lifting underlying sheets from a stack.

ARMAG-LK series

Magnetic beams of ARMAG-LK series are intended for the operation with a sheet metal-roll and are equipped with special grabs, which configuration allows changing the position of a moved sheet from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. So, e.g. magnetic beams of ARMAG-LK series are used for the allocation of a sheet metal-roll in stacks for the vertical storage and its subsequent movement from stacks to tables of shears.

ARMAG-RM series

Magnetic beams of ARMAG-RM series are used for the effective operation with a pattern of a sheet metal-roll – they ensure quick movement of sheets to tables of shears and such a quick pattern cutting (depending on the need – fully or partially).
For the operation with sheet metal-rolls, Research and Production Company “ERGA” produces the modifications of magnetic beams with the extended functionality. Telescopic version beams are applied for the operation with sheets of different sizes; if it is required to rotate sheets in the horizontal plane, the beams are equipped with rotary systems. If it is required to use the same beam for the operation with both metal-rolls and long narrow freights, the rotation possibility of magnetic grab units at 90о is provided.

ARMAG-TB series

Magnetic beams of ARMAG-TB series are used for the operation with both separate tubes and tube rows (several tubes, not bunched in bundles).

ARMAG-SP series

Magnetic beams of ARMAG-SP series are intended for the operation with a sorted metal-roll – the geometry of working surfaces of magnetic units contributes to a reliable holding of separate products of the cylindrical or polygonal shape.

ARMAG-FP series

Magnetic beams of ARMAG-FP series are intended for the operation with a molded metal-roll - channel, I beams, rails, etc.

ARMAG-SL series

Magnetic beams of ARMAG-SL series are intended for the operation with slabs. Solid plates with rough surfaces are reliably held with powerful electrically-constant grabs even if air gaps are available between surfaces of slabs and grabs.

ARMAG-RL series

Magnetic beams of ARMAG-RL series are intended for the operation with a coiled stock. Depending on the position of axial holes of coils (horizontal or vertical), different modifications of magnetic beams are used.

ARMAG-CS series

Magnetic beams of ARMAG-CS series are designed especially for the operation with large-size thin-walled reservoirs and vessels of the cylindrical shape.

ARMAG-VT series

Magnetic beams of ARMAG-VT series are intended for the operation with a hot metal-roll (to 650°C).

ARMAG-AV series

Electrically-constant grabs installed at ARMAG-AV series magnetic beams are equipped with storage batteries and are capable to operate without charge to 5-7 days (depending on the operation mode).
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