Slinging equipment

Magnetic beams ARMAG®

For the operation with sheet metal-rolls, Research and Production Company “ERGA” produces the modifications of magnetic beams with the extended functionality. Telescopic version beams are applied for the operation with sheets of different sizes; if it is required to rotate sheets in the horizontal plane, the beams are equipped with rotary systems. If it is required to use the same beam for the operation with both metal-rolls and long narrow freights, the rotation possibility of magnetic grab units at 90о is provided.

Slinging equipment

Magnetic load-lifting clamps and beams are intended for reliable catching and holding when moving steel sheets, tubes, shapes and other metal-roll types. Magnetic slinging equipment is applied in different-scale enterprises of many branches – from small warehouses and metal-roll bases to marine terminals and large machine-building enterprises.

Since 2004, Research and Production Company “ERGA” issues different types of magnetic clamps and beams, gantry mini-cranes, other handling equipment and its accessories. The enterprise personnel develop individual technical solutions of different complexity – from the movement of small work pieces with the help of beam guard to the movement of large-size freights with the help of electric permanent magnetic beams.

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