RESOLINE ferrous and nonferrous scrap and slag recycling lines

Complete technical solution for ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap, shredder residues, slagheaps processing tasks.

  • If required, the feeding hopper is provided with a grate to prevent large inclusions from getting into the hopper, which can cause closing of the feeding hopper outlet.
  • Material from the feeding hopper is unloaded by a vibrating feeder – the uniform material distribution on the whole width of the conveying belt is an obligatory condition for the qualitative separation.
  • Screening of dirt, sand and other heterogeneous small inclusions is done by a vibrating screen. The size of screened inclusions is defined by a mesh size of the vibrating screen.
  • Strong-magnetic components of the separation material are removed by overbelt self-dumping guard magnets of SMPA, SMPA-M and SMPA-TM series, pulley guard magnets of SMB series or drum magnetic separators of BSM series
  • Conductive non-ferrous metal inclusions are removed from the separated material by eddy-current magnetic separators of SMVT series.
  • Valuable materials and processed waste are transported to their accumulation points by belt conveyors.
  • Total operation control of all the units included in RESOLINE lines is made from one control panel.

Nowadays, Research and Production Company “ERGA” produces RESOLINE lines designed for capacity up to 40 t/h. Completion of lines, dimensions and operating parameters of their components are defined during development of individual technical solutions.

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