Magnetic ore sorting line. LMR series

Complete technical solutions for magnetic ore-pickling (sorting) of clumpy magnetite ores directly in quarries, allowing the exclusion of low-grade ore and ore-barren rocks from processing at subsequent process stages.

  • The main functional LMR component is BSM-LMR ore-pickling unit which can be conditionally divided into receiving-distribution and sorting parts.
  • Material is discharged from the feeding hopper of the magnetic ore-pickling line by means of a special-configuration vibrating feeder – the uniform material distribution on the whole width of conveyor belt is an obligatory condition for quality separation.
  • Material is separated into magnetic and non-magnetic components (amenable ore and low-grade ore / ore-barren rocks) by means of a powerful drum magnetic separator, ensuring the extraction of prills with size to 450 mm from the separation material.
  • To adjust optimal separation mode it is possible to control the magnetic drum system position and its shell speed change.
  • A supporting frame structure with transfer bins for magnetic and non-magnetic components of the separation material and maintenance platform are included in the scope of supply. Upon customer’s request the supply set can include a shed for the equipment protection against environmental exposure.
  • Total operation control of all the components of the magnetic ore-pickling line is made from one control panel located in the operator’s cabin.


The line is designed for magnetic separation of coarsed-crushed magnetite ores mixed with tramp during mining and in the contact points of ore and rock bodies. The line is installed directly in the pit wall.

1 – feeding hopper;
2 – vibrating feeder;
3 – belt conveyor;
4 – drum magnetic separator;
5 – bin for magnetic ore-picking product;
6 – bin for non-magnetic ore-picking product;
7 – operator’s cabin;
8 – support frame structure with maintenance platforms;
9 – feeding conveyor;
10 –outfeed conveyor for magnetic ore-picking product;
11 - outfeed conveyor for non-magnetic ore-picking product.
Pos. 9-11 are not included in the basic scope of supply.


  • Capacity - Up to 1500t/h
  • Ore size – 0-450 mm
  • Magnetic field intensity on the drum surface, mTl (Oe) -400 (4000)
  • Magnetic field intensity 100mm from the drum surface, mTl (Oe) -100 (1000)
  • Material of magnetic system- Nd-Fe-B

Research and Production Company “ERGA” produces LMR magnetic ore sorting lines designed for capacity up to 1 500 t/h. The completion of lines, dimensions and operating parameters of components, are defined during tailored design.

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