Magnetic separation sets and auxiliaries

RESOLINE ferrous and nonferrous scrap and slag recycling lines

Resoline ferrous scrap and slag recycling lines

Magnetic ore sorting line. LMR series

Scrap and slag sorting equipment

Our research and production enterprise is glad to offer you efficient complex solutions for sorting scrap and slag. Particularly VMS magnetic separation lines are designed especially for ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, shredder residues, slagheaps.

The main task in the processing of slags is the most complete recovery of valuable fraction. That is why scrap and slag sorting equipment must solve the specific problem of dividing dumps into 3 fractions: magnetic, non-magnetic and screenings (if required).

“ERGA” manufactures scrap and slag sorting equipment designed for capacity of 200t/h. Thus the are designed considering possible need for their easy assembl, disassembly and truck logistics.

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