Conveyor metal detectors ERGUARD® WCM

Conveyor metal detectors ERGUARD® WCM series are applied for reliable protection of sawing, bark-stripping and other types of process machinery from damage due to metal sticking in equipment.

  • ERGUARD® WCM metal detectors can detect ferrous inclusions with size from 7 mm (sensitivity is determined by the detection area size)
  • Detection area section represents an octahedron (eightedges) and its dimensions are set by the circle inscribed in this octahedron and can be from 500 to 1600mm
  • In addition to separate ERGUARD® WCM metal detectors “ERGA” LLC manufactures package process solutions on their basis (EWCM series) including special belt conveyors, visual and / or audio alarm, marking devices, etc.
  • Thanks to its simple and convenient user interface ERGUARD PM metal detectors are easy to set and control.
  • Quality of ERGUARD industrial metal detectors is confirmed by certificates of conformity GOST R (Russian State Standard) and those of the customs union.
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