Pipeline metal detectors ERGUARD® PM

Industrial metal detectors are designed to detect metal contaminants in liquid and pasty raw materials, semi-finished and finished products transported in pipelines.

ERGUARD PM pipeline metal detectors are most often used in food industry to control the safety of dairy, meat, fruit, vegetables and other food products.

  • ERGUARD PM pipeline metal detectors can detect ferrous inclusions with size from 0.5 mm, non-ferrous from 0.8 mm, stainless steel – from 0.8 mm.
  • sizes (diameters) of pipeline clear opening (d) of ERGUARD PM metal detectors are chosen in the range of 20 to 200 mm.
  • Thanks to its simple and convenient user interface ERGUARD PM metal detectors are easy to set and control.
  • ERGUARD PM pipeline metal detectors are supplied with reject devices. Upon customer’s request such optional devices as visual and / or audio alarm, pipes and fittings, etc. can be included in the delivery of metal detectors.
  • Quality of ERGUARD industrial metal detectors is confirmed by certificates of conformity GOST R (Russian State Standard) and those of the customs union.
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