Gravity metal detector ERGUARD® GM


ERGUARD® GM is a series of industrial metal detectors designed for detection of various metal inclusions in free fall products with their further rejection.

Metal detectors ERGUARD® GM are most commonly applied to control product quality and also to protect process equipment from damage caused by metal objects sticking in machinery.

Principle description:

The principle of operation of metal detectors ERGUARD® GM is based on inductive balance method. The metal detector unit has three circuits: one transmitter and two receivers with null potential difference in case of metal absence. When tramp metal gets inside the detection field, the established balance is disrupted causing the detector to transmit a signal to the control panel by activating audio and visual alarm and rejection device which rejects tramp metals from the main flow in automatic mode.

The main characteristic of the metal detector is its sensitivity expressed in minimum diameter values of steel, brass and stainless steel balls, which the metal detector is able to detect at minimum belt speed and the most disadvantaged location of the balls in the detection area .

ERGUARD® GM sensitivity:

  • ferrous metal (Fe) Ø ≥ 0.5 mm
  • Non-Ferrous Metals (non-Fe) Ø ≥ 1.0 mm
  • Stainless steel (SS440) Ø ≥ 1.0 mm


The detector sensitivity values mentioned above were obtained under ideal conditions and may vary depending on installation site, aperture size, frequency at which the detector operates as well as electromagnetic properties of the product.

ERGUARD® GM has high sensitivity and can detect and reject all types of metal unlike standard metal separators.

Metal detector ERGUARD® GM can be mounted either on a frame with a hopper or built in gravity pipeline.

Depending on purpose and application the detector housing can be made of painted or stainless steel.


Metal detector standard model ERGUARD® GM specifications

Height (H) 50 100 200 300 400
- 455x455x825
75 kg
90 kg
120 kg
160 kg
200 kg

When choosing ERGUARD® GM type of metal detectors the following should be considered first of all:

  • product coarseness (sizes);
  • electrophysical properties of product;
  • shape, size, material and orientation in space of all possible tramp metals, which a product may contain;
  • type of feeding and product movement speed through the detection area of the metal detector;
  • detector operating conditions;
  • way of rejection of the product with tramp metals from the "pure" product.

Technical specifications of ERGUARD® GM:

  • Industrial protection class: IP54;
  • Number of operating frequencies: maximum two. Values of operating frequencies can be selected depending on the product characteristics, it enables sensitivity increase;
  • Memory for 10 products allows you to adjust the detector quickly and accurately;
  • High vibration resistance due to its special design;
  • Automatic system of self-diagnostics (adjustment) of the metal detector necessary to ensure its stable performance;
  • Three levels of access to settings of detector parameters in order to avoid unwanted access of the personnel;
  • Digital Signal Processing;
  • Human-engineered and simple user interface.

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