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Industrial equipment service. Presales and after sales service.

фирменный сервис

Research and production company "ERGA" offers its partners:

  • Installation supervision - control of installation work execution by “ERGA” service representatives at the stage of integration of new equipment in operating production lines of customer;
  • Commissioning – commissioning of the customer’s equipment by “ERGA” service representatives with setting it into operating mode;
  • Customer’s maintenance staff training on operation and maintenance of whole process line and its individual units, replacement of consumables and components, means of efficient elimination of possible malfunctions;
  • Manufacturing and delivery of spare parts to customer from our own warehouse:
    • supply of spare parts and tools with new "ERGA" equipment;
    • supply of optional components and assemblies for "ERGA" equipment used by customer;
  • Sample separation by “ERGA” employees in our laboratory of magnetic separation methods (LMSM) to select optimal technological mode of equipment operation with issuing a report with recommendations;
  • Diagnostics of the state of magnetic systems and equipment on permanent magnets with issuing findings and recommendations to customer;
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment on permanent magnets:
    • preventive maintenance overhaul (PMO) by "ERGA" service personnel;
    • emergency and major repair of mechanical parts, replacement or repair of worn-out components,
  • Reconditioning and replacement of magnetic systems:
    • reconditioning and replacement of magnetic systems to new and more efficient ones;
  • Guarantee service by "ERGA" service representatives including emergency repair of customer’s equipment during guarantee period;
  • Advising customers on installation, commissioning and further operation of the equipment manufactured by "ERGA";
  • Delivery worldwide – arrangement of delivery to final destination considering urgency and special requirements for equipment transportation.

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