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Research and Production Company “ERGA” begins its history in 1991 when a young scientist Vladimir Vasiliyevich Kotunov created a specialized enterprise for the production of permanent rare-earth magnets and special purpose magnetic systems.

Over the last years, the enterprise has grown to a full-scale plant with its own workshops and modern equipment, powerful research and design base and effective control system.

Nowadays, the plant occupies the area of more than 25 000 m2, 5 000 m2 of which is roof production area. The large-scale reequipment of workshops was completed and a modern high-efficiency production line of permanent rare-earth magnets was commissioned in 2007.

The company’s own scientific potential and time-proven partnership with the leading research institutes, design organizations and machine-building companies allow ERGA to develop in a very short time the effective solutions of difficult engineering tasks, often having no analogs both in Russia and abroad.

Research and Production Company “ERGA” has a lot of achievements in different spheres of science and industry, which are practically applied at thousands of enterprises in different industrial branches. The vigorous research activity gives the enterprise the possibility both to improve and extend the assortment line of the main product, and to participate in unique projects of the federal scale, particularly, in projects of the Federal Cosmic Agency (“Roskosmos”), State Nuclear Power Corporation “Rosatom”, etc.

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The enterprise uses strategic management system; special attention is given to implementation of the programs, aimed to improve the processes of product quality control and arrange effective interaction with consumers.

Regardless the scale when projects and orders are realized, the engineering approach, providing customers with the maximum return from the usage of intellectual capital and production capacities of ERGA, is applied.

Most of the equipment produced by the enterprise is customized and supplied ‘turnkey’.

The detail study of customer requests is the obligatory initial condition for designing effective individual technical solutions. Primary options of solutions are scrupulously analyzed, simulated and evaluated in laboratory or semi-industrial conditions if necessary, and after that they are updated to achieve the required results.

In order to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability of equipment in industrial conditions qualified service specialists of Research and Production Company “ERGA” conduct supervised installation and pre-commissioning works, training of service personnel.

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To be closer to our customers new representative offices of “ERGA” are currently effectively operating and developing in Russia and Kazakhstan.

In 2013 Mr. Kotunov, General Director of Research and Production Company "ERGA", took part in shooting of the scientific film "Magnetism" on Russian scientific and educational channel "Science 2.0” about the achievements of Russian and world science.

This channel is dedicated to unique designs and innovative technologies of present and future. "Science 2.0" runs several projects, one of which is called “A Great Leap Forward". This is a line of educational films devoted to the achievements of Russian scientists, engineers and inventors. Heroes of the films are correspondingly the people who are changing our world day by day. And the task of "Science 2.0" in this respect is to tell the audience about the world of scientific discoveries, inventions, achievements and new technologies in an easy and accessible way.

In "Magnetism" Mr. Kotunov highly praised the role of magnetic systems in the life of modern society. "Permanent magnets are used in more than forty points in a modern car, - “ERGA” General Director noted- “Today engines, generators on permanent magnets are most effective, have minimum weight, size and very high efficiency". The film shows the mechanism of action of magnets, their applications and the latest research and development technology, as well as magnet production steps in research and production company "ERGA".

Visit also “ERGA" channel on YouTube

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