Research and Production Company “ERGA” designs and manufactures nonferrous scrap recycling plants and lines for maximum cleaning using magnetic and eddy current separators, vibrating equipment and special dosing hoppers.

  • Turnkey automatic complete solution

ERGA provides a full range of services from design to installation and commissioning of Resoline recycling lines. Design works are carried out in our in-plant design bureau in accordance with individual requirements and embodied in metal in our modern production facilities.

All separators in the line are equipped with automatic cleaning system and ensure cleaning scrap to saleable condition and make it suitable for further sale to smelters. The entire process can be controlled and monitored by one operator using the control panel.

  • Obtaining high-quality saleable ferrous and nonferrous scrap

Complete Resoline solutions provide cleaning of saleable scrap from sand, dirt, paper and other nonmetallic waste at scrap processing facilities, landfills, dumps of metallurgical plants and other technogenic deposits to obtain highly profitable secondary raw materials suitable for subsequent smelting.

Processing complexes with multi-stage separation technology help to recover nonferrous metal scrap (copper, aluminum, brass, magnesium, etc.) and ferrous metals. Depending on initial conditions of the raw materials, the lines can consist of 2 or more machines with different configurations and performance.

  • Integration in existing crushing and screening or shredder plants

ERGA complex equipment is easily integrated into crushing and screening or shredder plants and can complete existing lines with sorting plants for additional profit with optional installation of automatic remote monitoring system REMOS. The system provides real-time monitoring of equipment status.

  • Operation 24/7 in harsh conditions

Efficient operation in any weather conditions, indoors or outdoors is ensured by well-designed and reliable feeding, sorting and discharge systems and proven by many years of operation of numerous installations.

  • Eco-friendly and safe

All components of scrap recycling lines are not only distinguished by low power consumption but also help to reduce power consumption in further production of metals and other materials, increase recycling rate and return secondary metals to production, decrease consumption of natural resources.

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ERGA designs and manufacturers bespoke automatic nonferrous scrap recycling lines. Having almost 30 years of manufacturing experience and a large portfolio of completed projects we can configure the most suitable variant of solution to your specific problem.
You can additionally order spare parts kit depending on line components to ensure continuous operation of the equipment.
Research and Production Company "ERGA" — Established in 1991 — Research and Production Company "ERGA" — Established in 1991 — Research and Production Company "ERGA" — Established in 1991 — Research and Production Company "ERGA" —

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