Magnetic arc blow compensator (compensating magnet, demagnetization kit) levels the residual magnetism in the products while welding steel pipes, creating counter-current magnetic flux.

  • Excellent quality of weld joints

Magnetic compensator, consisting of two 2-pole magnets, eliminates the effect of arc blow in the process of welding pipes and metal parts, and therefore provides excellent weld quality without splatter. If a set of compensating magnets is used, there are no such defects as gas pockets (porosity), lack of fusion, incomplete welding, slag intrusions in weld joints, no unstable electrode and arc. This simple solution to improve quality of weld joints guarantees efficient functioning of pipelines as a whole.

  • Robust magnetic system design

The compensator is a steel magnetic circuit with high-inductance rare-earth permanent magnets placed in a protective steel case that protects the permanent magnet from corrosion and mechanical damage.

  • Compact, portable, modular

Compensators are mobile and transportable, the kit fits easily into a case. It is possible to use a package of magnetic compensators to increase of the magnetic field intensity.

  • Easy to install and operate

It does not require any additional tools for installation on the product and consumables, the work is carried out just by moving and installation in the weld joint zone, placing the magnetic compensator like a bridge between the welded products. Compensating magnetic systems are used for welding pipes of any diameter and for any thickness of a metal product.

  • No power consumption

Magnetic arc blow compensator does not consume electricity and does not require power sources. Unlike electrical analogs, it has no cables for connecting to an external power source.

  • Efficient operation 24/7 in harsh conditions

Compensators are used for welding work in construction and repair of main pipelines all year round in all climatic zones and weather conditions. They have the same effectiveness in the workshop and in the field.

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Research and Production Company "ERGA" manufactures magnetic arc blow compensators with various weight and dimensions and induction values:
  • Magnetic induction - up to 2450 Gs
  • Length of the compensated section - 150-300 mm (sizes of the operating zone depends on degree of magnetization of the pipe)/li>
  • Weight - up to 5.3 kg

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