Research and Production Company “ERGA” designs and manufactures cable recycling plants and lines using magnetic, eddy current and air separators, electrostatic and gravity separators.

  • Obtaining aluminum and copper granules with 99,9% purity

Resoline cable recycling line allows you to get valuable copper and aluminum, as well as such by-products as polymer flakes. The recycling rate of various types of cables with recovery of copper and aluminum chips or granules is up to 99,9%.

The lines can be equipped with special equipment for size reduction and granulation: shredders, granulators, rotary, impeller or roll crushers and include multi-stage sorting using ERGA magnetic, air and electrostatic separators*.

* the paragraph gives an example of the line components. The line design is customizable

  • Turnkey automatic complete plants and lines

ERGA provides a full range of services from design to installation and commissioning with training and maintenance services. Design works are carried out in our in-plant design bureau and manufactured in our plant with advanced and high-tech equipment.

Resoline plants and lines are also completed with ancillary equipment: hoppers, vibrating feeders, special screw conveyors.

  • Fast return on investment

Profit from processing and recovery of valuable raw materials and fast return on investment are ensured by high quality of our equipment, its load and proper operation.

  • Eco-friendly and safe

All components of scrap recycling lines are not only distinguished by low power consumption but also help to reduce power consumption in further production of metals and other materials, increase recycling rate and return secondary metals to production, decrease consumption of natural resources.

  • Dry separation method: pure economy!

Dry separation process allows for replacement or supplement existing equipment, improving the quality of output material with less power consumption and no time and money spent on water and drying**.

** comparing to wet separation method

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ERGA designs and manufacturers bespoke automatic and automated cable recycling plants and lines with capacity from 50kg/h to 2t/h, selecting the components considering Customer’s specifications.
You can additionally order spare parts kit depending on line components to ensure continuous operation of the equipment.

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