Permanent magnets

Bonded magnets


Permanent magnets and magnetic systems of special purpose

In the modern world, magnets are applied everywhere - in consumer goods and domestic appliances, vehicles and industrial equipment. The application of both separate magnets and complicated magnetic systems, allowing obtaining magnetic fields of complicated configuration, is wide-spread.

Since 1991, Research and Production Company “ERGA” produces permanent rare-earth magnets on the basis of Nd-Fe-B and Sm-Co alloys, as well as resin-bonded magnets. The equipment and technological know-how for producing magnets and resin-bonded magnets is the subject of special pride of enterprise personnel.

Along with magnetic separators and load-lifting clamps, ERGA issues many types of equipment on the basis of permanent magnets, among which reliable and durable magnetic coupling, high-speed generators for turbines, compact wind turbines with the vertical rotation axis and other designs in different spheres of science and engineering.


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