Magnetic separators and guard magnets

Eddy current magnetic separators of SMVT series


Iron removers

Plate separators

Pulley & drum separators

Roll separators

Magnetic separators are devices intended for separating multi-component materials into components by their magnetic features.

Despite the apparent limitation of the application field, magnetic separators are used at the vast majority of enterprises of mining and processing branches for cleaning non-magnetic materials from magnetic admixtures or for enriching ores, having magnetic features. Actually, the separators ensure the reception of pure raw materials, what is the required condition for issuing a qualitative ready product, or the protection of process equipment against damages and accelerated wear, caused by magnetic inclusions entering into mechanisms.

Since 1996, Research and Production Company “ERGA” is specialized in the development and production of magnetic separators on a basis of permanent magnets. Due to the combination of high operating characteristics, long-term stability of magnetic features, lack of electric power costs for the magnetic field generation, operating reliability and safety, the permanent magnet-based separators surely oust from the market electromagnetic equivalents, traditionally applied since the past year in many enterprises.


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